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Be Your Own Kind
of Beautiful

I’m a firm believer in all things beautiful, and sharing my love of beauty is something I am very passionate about. The Beauty Nurse was established to provide individuals with both basic and in-depth knowledge of how to enhance their beauty already residing within them. This is a place to come and be heard, to research, find answers, and to embrace your authentic beauty.  I have spent countless hours researching products, procedures, and treatments that I trust, and now I want to share all my tips and tricks with you. 


Beauty shouldn't be a secret; everyone deserves to feel beautiful. 


The Girl Behind
The Beauty Nurse

Growing up, I was an awkward, tall, lanky girl with legs that resembled that of a bird; hence the nickname “Bird.” This stuck with me for most of my childhood.  Then, I grew up and amazingly that awkward stage was left behind, bringing a passion for beauty, not only for myself, but also for others. 


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Confidence is Beauty

Fact: Confidence is beauty
Myth: I was always confident

I am a firm believer that confidence and beauty beat to the same drum. You cannot have confidence and not be beautiful. You cannot be the full extent of your beauty if you are not confident.  You may ask: How does one become confident? Let me tell you. 



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The Journey to Becoming The Beauty Nurse

Myth: Success lands in our lap like a little butterfly
Fact: Success is the result of freaking hard work

Confucius once said that if you “choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.” I wonder if Confucius knew that your dream job does not land in your lap like a pretty little butterfly, and that the real world isn’t rainbows and ponies? 




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