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Crafting Beauty is an art, one that I have spent my entire career trying to perfect. Like any art, it must be shared. To my core, I am passionate about giving back to the beauty industry. I love training because it does just that—it allows me to share my knowledge of aesthetic techniques and be a part of a bigger conversation. This conversation is about transforming yourself from the inside out, gaining confidence, knowing your niche, and sharing it with the world.

There are over 35,000 cosmetic injectors in the United States and I am honored to be one of the elite, 178 certified AMI trainers. The AMI training faculty was developed by Allergan, Inc., the creators of Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, and Latisse, to ensure optimal patient outcomes. I train nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners on the safe and effective use and techniques for these industry leading products.

I also train with my talented sister and business partner, Katie Brennan, NP., at Crafted Aesthetics in Helena, Montana. We created the Crafting Beauty course, and offer a variety of trainings ranging from beginner injection techniques to the latest and most advanced techniques. Our courses are small and provide hands-on training and one-on-one guidance.

Finally, I offer individual training courses to injectors throughout the United States. Whether you are a beginner, would like to learn advanced injection techniques, or just need a refresher—I'm here to help. These trainings provide individual guidance to help you grow and master these techniques all within the comfort of your own clinic.

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I have had the opportunity to train with Melissa on several occasions, and every time I learn so much.  Not only is she an incredible injector with great technique, she is also kind and gracious.  Mel has an eye for beauty.  She is more than a nurse injector, she is a true artist.  She prioritizes safety above anything else, and trains in a way that supports your individual professional growth.  She is an incredible mentor to have in this industry. Bri Williams, RN-Refined Aesthetics, Sandpoint, ID

Training with Melissa and her sister Katie was incredible in so many ways. It was a privilege to meet someone so well known in our industry and still find her to be warm, kind, and patient. Her knowledge is unmatched but rather than speak to hundreds from a stage she is comfortable to be next to you, guiding your hand, giving you the exact attention you need to become a better injector. Watching them interact with their patients reminds me that even in a cosmetic industry, you can be proud to be a nurse, and that compassion always comes first. The quality of information blew me away, I learned more in that afternoon than I had in weeks of courses and was able to immediately utilize it in my own practice. To top all this off, if I message her with a newbie question she always answers, always explains, and is always proud of her trainees. You will meet so many injectors in your career and they will all teach you, but this training will also leave you with a new confidence, and an inspired outlook. People will enjoy the cosmetic treatments we can give them, but they will always remember how we make them feel. Lucky and blessed to have been apart of this training and even when I am ten years in I will still be signing up to learn more! -Elisha Little, RN-Lift by Elisha-Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada 

Melissa came to my office in North Carolina to provide injection training in October 2017 and it was by far the best professional experience of my career!  The training included neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and Kybella.  Melissa had amazing rapport with the patient models and made everyone feel at ease.  I appreciated her tips, suggestions, and focus on safety as a priority.  She provided input on before and after photos, charting, and patient pre- and post-injection instructions.  Her expertise, enthusiasm, and attention to detail and high standards helped make it an exceptional learning experience and my skill level increased substantially because of my time with her.  Last, but not least, Melissa is fun to be around!  The experience was so valuable, we have asked her to return this fall for a second training session!  I recommend her without reservation for aesthetic injection training. - Julia Kemp Fox, RN, CASC-Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

Don’t even know where to start with how incredible of an experience it was to train with Melissa and her sister Katie @Crafted Aesthetics.  Her knowledge alone is impressive and then top that off with her expertise and fine-tuned skills-AMAZING!  Melissa teaches in such a way that she boosts your confidence with each step and ensures all questions are answered.  She truly loves this industry and Lisa and I feel lucky to have her as a mentor, because that is what you get when you train with Melissa, you not only gain knowledge, you gain a lifelong mentor!  Can’t wait to attend another training!! Kris Moore, RN & Lisa Smith, RN-Revive Facial Aesthetics-Lewiston, ID

The training I received at Crafted Aesthetics with Melissa and Katie went above and BEYOND my expectations! Not only do they take the time to find out your specific questions and needs, they answer every question and then show you exactly how to perform the procedure in the safest way. I have implemented countless tips from the training into my current practice and have seen a great improvement and consistency in my results and patient satisfaction. Melissa even took the time to guide my hands while injecting so that I could precisely master the techniques. Even after the training, I have found her to be an incredible resource. No matter how busy, she always answers my questions and concerns and gives me tips and recommendations. Oh, and they are so KIND!! I immediately felt at ease with them and enjoyed getting to know them all. I would 100% do it over again and highly recommend injectors of all levels take advantage of the privilege to learn from the best! LeeAnn DePriest, DNP, NP-C-Reverse Laser and Medical Aesthetics, Dyersburg, TN

Where do I begin to explain the exceptional training I received at Crafted Aesthetics! It was such an exciting, uplifting, and positive experience. Melissa and Katie provided so much knowledge, skill, time, and expertise to each individual trainee. The class size is limited which allows for very one-on-one learning (something you don't always get when you go to large trainings). I was able to learn some of the best "tips and tricks" performed by the_beautynurse herself. 

Not only was the time I spent at training great, but Melissa and Katie are so sweet and down to earth. I can still reach out to them, as well as my classmates, for questions/suggestions. The training has given me confidence and encouragement as I start my endeavor in medical aesthetics and I can't wait to come back for more!! Carissa Cornell, ARNP-c-North Dakota

I had the honor to train with Melissa and Katie at their training site, Crafted Aesthetics, in Helena, MT. These women are not only top injectors in the Aesthetic Industry, but they also have a strong passion to give back the talent they have acquired over the years and this truly shines through in their trainings. Their patience, understanding teaching methodology provides a challenging training that will launch you into the next level of aesthetic injecting skill. Melissa is professional, kind, and always willing to be transparent about the things that have worked and not worked for her success. She takes the time to understand the goals of her students, as well as provides unending support even beyond the completion of training. Safety efficacy and and individual artistic style of injection lay at the foundation of Melissa's nursing theory, and she ensures her students learn her best tips and tricks. It is very refreshing to have such a top figure in the Aesthetic Industry such as Melissa openly and transparently teach all she has learned to people of varying levels of experience in training sessions, and never give the feeling that there are "secrets to success" she must keep. I am forever grateful to the instruction and training provided by The Beauty Nurse, Melissa and her sister Katie at their host training site, Crafted Aesthetics. 
-Sarah B., RN - Missoula, MT