Mothers-This one is for you

Myth:  Women in magazines like Glamour and models of Victoria Secret taught me all I know about skincare and beauty.
Fact: My mother was the first woman to explain the importance of a skincare routine and the significance of creating beauty.

My mother is the pioneer of making all things beautiful. Give her a house and she will transform it into a sanctuary. Give her flowers and she will arrange a display so appealing to the eyes you’d have to stop and smell the roses. Give her flour, sugar and honey and she will produce a dessert so sweet you lick your fingers just to make sure you got every last crumb. She can make something out of nothing. She creates beauty and leaves trails of glitter behind her.

She is mom.

I have been around a lot of different mother-daughter relationships in my injection room. Some are best friends, who speak with honesty and encouragement. Others are cautious of judgments and set limitations in communicating. A few despise aspects of the other, and don’t bother to sugar coat. One or two are neglectful of, what could be, one of the most impacting relationships of their lives. The most rare and saddest few have no mothers at all, but instead have chosen another female to be their idol. There are a million different intricate parts to a mother-daughter relationship; all which are unique and influential to our perspective of beauty and concept of a skincare routine.

The point is—beauty is about modeling. Not the kind of modeling where you only eat lettuce and drink water, but the kind of modeling where you mimic the actions of those closest to you. Modeling is huge when we are younger because we are fresh sponges. We soak up what our parents do—what our mothers do.

I am so fortunate to have a mother who modeled healthy, consistent, classy, and strict routines related to beauty.

Wear sweats to school? Don’t think so!

Wash your face with water? Hell no!

It’s a cloudy day; do I really need to wear sunscreen? Yes you do!

Soon I caught on and used her as my greatest ally.

Is masking seven days a week too much? Don’t think so!

Should I buy this top at TJ Maxx? Hell yes!

Do I need this shade of pink lipstick when I already have five close to it? Yes you do!

My mother taught me young. She taught me the basics of good skincare: wash your face twice a day, remove your makeup before bed, and wear SPF. She taught me the basics of makeup: foundation, concealer, the ideal stroke up the cheek for blush, the patience in holding an eyelash curler, and braving bold lips. She taught me how to add the perfect touches: the delicate spot for perfume, curling hair away from the face, stand tall, head high, wear your heels, get your Botox, take your baths, drink your water, use coconut oil, avoid red meat, eat what’s good and good for you and always always always be classy.

Above all the lessons she bestowed onto me in regards to beauty this one was most monumental: you deserve to take care of yourself.

From what I gather, motherhood is hard work. It’s so much work and selflessness that I wonder if mothers forget to take care of themselves? There is a common misconception that motherhood equates to being selfless and putting yourself second. College tuition, weddings, diapers etc. the list of obligations is endless and definitely can take top priority. I’d like to challenge that misconception though, because why not? Why can’t mothers take time, even if it’s five minutes, to do something that makes them feel beautiful and confident?


Mothers everywhere deserve to feel beautiful. They deserve to get their nails done, get a facial, or spend a few dollars more on good skincare. Although my mother is the most selfless mother I know, she did find ways to model for me that beauty can be created with just a little effort and a lot of knowing you are worth it. You deserve it.

Now, it’s my turn to make my mother beautiful and teach her all the tips and tricks of aesthetic world. I am the one getting her product, making her skin flawless, and crafting an even more confident mother. I love being able to give back, and know without a doubt that I wouldn’t know half of what I do now without her influence. 

This weekends for you, my beloved mom.

This one is for you, you beloved mothers out there. All tired, bent out of shape, anxious, selfless, young and young at heart, and most importantly beautiful mothers.

You are beautiful.

You make all things beautiful.

Your beauty shines on us and will extend further than your eyes can see, your hands can touch and your heart can feel.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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