Myth: Change is easy, and you can control it.

Fact: Change can be really difficult, and it’s inevitable.

You may have noticed my instagram post not long ago of me standing in front of a bright, pink wall with letters overpowering the page. Those letters made up one fabulous phrase: “Big Life Changes.” I love that picture, and I will tell you why.

Sometimes change is like a rock. It’s like a huge rock thrown into a pond, which then creates a circumference of ripples that extend to the shore. Change can be BIG, and something really great (and big) or something really terrible (and big) can produce numerous ripples of change down the road.   

I have been going through a BIG change, and fortunately, it’s the really great kind. I’ve learned a lot about the process of change, as well as what it means to be The Beauty Nurse. I have realized that no matter where I practice, I will forever be grounded in the principle of serving you to the best of my ability. No matter where I practice, I will be doing what I do best: sprinkling beauty into your life. You can count on that.

Sometimes, we need those BIG life changes in order to wake us up to the potential of what we could be. This quote helps me remind myself of that.


“The moment will come when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom,”-Anais Nin


The phrase “Big Life Changes” could really come directly from this quote, and I will tell you why.  



In the moment, change feels massive. It consumes your thoughts, your heart, and your soul. You ask BIG questions like “What now?” Or “Is this the right choice?” Or “Am I ready?” The answers to these questions are painfully dubious. Who really knows what the future holds? We don’t know it’s the right choice unless we make it, right? Are we ever really ready? In a state of panic, all I wanted was clarity and answers. The experience was too BIG.

Then time happens.

In time, the voice of your gut has space to speak loud and clear. You will be fine. Yes, this is the right choice. Do you not remember the sleepless nights and endless texts to your mother? We are never really ready, but yes, do it anyways.

Our guts tend to know the way.

Where would we all be if we let our gut and heart be BIG, and not our heads?  



If you’re not in a place that fosters the skills in yourself that you need to grow—you’re not in the right place. Notice, I do say “in yourself.”  This means that you are indeed a big piece of this puzzle. I am a strong believer that environments can shape people, and thus positioning oneself within an environment suited to nurture, can bring us back to life.



It’s a risk to blossom. It’s a risk to change. The ironic part is, change is inevitable. I am a different person now than I was yesterday, whether I like it or not. And so are you. Change is scary. It’s the epitome of the unknown—unless…unless we choose how to react to it. If change is going to come, then I want a say in how it’s going to impact me. I want to make the best of change. What about you? Do you want to stay in a tight bud, or do you want to blossom?

Take heart beauties, and get blossoming

Before you go, tell me, what are some of your BIG life changes?

Shine on Beauties.

Shine on.


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