Glow & Travel

Myth: There is no way I can travel in a plane for twenty-two hours.

Fact: You can, and you can comfortably if you go prepared.

Hello from Bali! I wish I could send a little piece of this paradise to each one of you, beauties. If I could, I would impart to you the sweet nourishment and gentle rejuvenation that I have felt these past few days in paradise.

Flying twenty-two hours to get here could have been horrific if it weren’t for some extremely valuable gadgets and beauty products. Because I was prepared, the flight was a small price to pay. Although; my husband, all six-foot-four of him, may beg to differ. I still am laughing at the image of his knees pressing firmly into the person’s seat in front of him. It’s no easy task being the tallest man on the plane!

Whether you are flying domestic or international, your gadgets will make or break your flight experience. Here are some essential products I will not travel without.


Unless you love the white noise of the airplane engine or a baby screaming in your ear, then Bose Headphones are for you. I have never flown without these headphones! They make watching movies and listening to music so much more pleasurable.

My other must have gadget is the Anker portable charger. I find this portable charger is particularly handy if you are one to have your boarding pass on your phone. There would be nothing more embarrassing (or stressful!) to have your phone die right when you were about to board.


I am notorious for having clammy hands and feet. I am almost always cold, so the little piece of cloth that the flight attendants give you and calls a blanket is not enough to keep me warm.  Layers add warmth, but also help in circulation. I recently purchased The Intelligent Legging compression pants which were the best purchase yet! (I got them in Helena, Montana at my favorite athletic store-they can ship to you if you DM them here). The socks I wear in order to reduce risk of swelling and decreased blood flow are found here. I wear these to work as well, being that I am on my feet 8-14 hours a day. I wear a long-sleeve pullover on top (favorite found here), because it is both warm and breathable. I also try not to forget a wrap, because it can double as a blanket. My favorite is found here.

Seat Choice

If you’re lucky, you have a partner that lets you snuggle up next to them to keep warm. If you’re really fortunate, then you have a partner that lets you drape your long legs over him or her. My husband, bless his soul, is both. He is what I snuggle into and on top of. Research says that the window seat is colder than the aisle, but I take it anyways. When you wear the right gear, it doesn’t matter. Certainly a warm teddy-bear husband doesn’t hurt either.


I don’t quite understand the rage about donut pillows. My neck has never understood them either. I’ve tried a few different types of pillows for flying, and this one is by far my favorite: here.

Slip Silk Eye mask from Nordstrom (If you are really not up for chatting with your neighbor, don’t fret. This is your answer! No one will talk to you with this on your face).


I once had an obsession with purses and bags. ‘Once had’ are the keywords here. There was no need to feed my bag addiction after I found the Canvas bag sold at Lululemon. It’s the perfect size for all my travel essentials. Found here.

To throw all my small items into something I use this makeup bag. Can’t beat the price tag.


Maintaining a beauty routine while traveling can be difficult. You’re not alone. I have done my best to find the most functionable products for traveling. See below for my favorites.


Other Beauty Essentials

  • No one likes bad breath. Toothbrushes that have toothpaste mixed in them are efficient, easy, and ready to use! Love them and never, ever forget them.

  • Deodorant. If you are on the plane for twenty-two hours, you are guaranteed to smell. Don’t be that one person everyone avoids like the plague. Favorite here.

  • Let’s get real sometimes after being on a plane for hours we need to freshen up down below. I bring these onboard which also double to wipe under your arms as well to freshen up!

  • Hand Sanitizer. I love the sanitizers that kill germs and act as aromatherapy.  Everyone Hand Sanitizer sprays is my favorite.

  • I also bring these. Handzies are a new found love and you can throw them into your carry-on and they are individually wrapped to wipe down your hands, seat and pull down table.


Alkaline water bottle. Bringing your own water bottle is a MUST and cost efficient. I don’t go anywhere without the DYLN Alkaline water bottle. Flight attendants have a lot of passengers to keep hydrated, and I can’t imagine anyone is staying real hydrated with the tiny Dasani water bottles that are scarcely provided. Having your own bottle comes in handy when you’re dying of thirst! If you’re buying water at the airport, look for the Essentia Ionized Alkaline bottle (It’s label is black and red!).

I like to bring my own tea bags on flights. My favorite for keeping my skin detoxed is found here. Just ask the flight attendants for warm water.

What are your travel essentials?

Glow and Travel beauties. Go and find your paradise. Life is short.

Shine on.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

- H.Jackson Brown, JNR