8 Feet of Love

Myth: The only real advice can come from our elders.

Fact: Wisdom is everywhere for those who are willing to look.


Life is good.

How lucky are we to be here

right here in Bali?”

-Kynd Community

Wise people are humble people. They hold the kernels of truth, because they aren’t afraid to bow down to the sages. The funny thing is, we are all sages, in our own unique and troubled ways. That authenticity, that abounding wisdom within us, reaches everyone in our bubble.

In fact, our bubble is only eight feet in circumference.

I was watching a video of actress, Sophia Bush, describing a research article she had read. Now the logistics of this article aren’t particular clear, but this is what I gathered from Sophia’s talk: if you use your brain to connect with people, you reach those individuals in one foot of you. This means if people are within one foot of you, you are able to connect with them brain-to-brain.

Here is where I am blown away.

If you connect with people using your heart, and not your brain, there is an invisible expansion of love around you stretching out eight feet in all directions.  

At any given moment, we are walking in someone else’s heart.

Soak that up beauties. You know what this research means? The aura you exude matters. The infinite wisdom within your heart can be stretched, eight feet exactly, to the beautiful souls around you.

I was in someone else’s heart the other day, and what I felt after reading their words deeply resonated with me. I read the quote by the Kynd Community multiple times; completely in awe of this serendipitous finding at this point in my life.

The words from Kynd Community made me reflect on the lessons I’ve learned in my own life, and this is what I came up with.

  1. In every situation, there is a lesson to be found.

  2. There are so many beautiful souls in this world, and sometimes we have to move our eight foot bubble out of our comfort zone to find them.

  3. Find something you love just as much as I love my career, and never stop learning. Never.

  4. Fail. Fail hard. Do it quickly and learn from it. I have failed many times in my life but it is what has molded me into the person I am today.

  5. Trust people until they give you a reason not to.

  6. You do not need a lot of friends, just quality friendships. I have spent the majority of the past 10 years pouring my soul into my career. I’ve lost a lot of friendships along the way, but there were a few relationships that never wavered. Find friends that empower you, ones that understand your phase of life and respect it. Better yet, find friends that are with you, no matter your phase of life.

  7. Be open to meeting people who can and who will change your life forever. Sometimes you will find them, and sometimes they will find you.

  8. Never forget you are so much more than just this physical body. Find your truth. Treasure what will outlast our earthly bodies.

  9. Karma is real. Give more. Way more. Whether it is the shirt off your back or a smile, give it with your whole heart. The act of giving results in the most purest form of happiness.

  10. Understand the power of thoughts. You have a roommate in your head. He or she utters nonsense all day. Notice that voice in your head. That voice is not you. YOU are what is noticing the voice. We suffer when we believe that we are our roommate (the voice in our head) and that what he or she says is true. It’s not. Notice your roommate and ask: Would I ever speak this to another soul? Would you repeat the words of your roommate to your best friend? Your spouse?

No! So what gives you the right to speak to yourself like that?

Sages, look eight feet in front, beside, and behind you. Are you in someone else’s heart? Do you feel them?

Let the circumference of you be filled with love and don’t for one second hesitate to stand in another person’s heart.  

Shine on beauties.

Shine on.