Wedding Day Skin Prep

So It’s Your Big Day

Myth: My photographer will edit my blemishes, and five layers of makeup will cover my “undergrounder” zit.

Fact: “I wish I didn’t prep my skin for my wedding day,” said no one ever.

Have you ever had an “undergrounder” zit? You know the kind of zit that is deep in your skin and usually comes around the time you’ve reached your maximum threshold of stress? An “undergrounder” zit is not a technical term, but that’s not the point. The point is our faces keep the score of our stress, and we experience a high level of stress around really important days.

Just think about some of the biggest days of your life. What happened? Who was there? How old were you? No matter what that day was like for you, there is a 100% chance you had an “undergrounder” zit on your face. Am I right?

It’s biology. It’s hormones. It’s stress. It’s the infamous “undergrounder.”

For me, my wedding day was a monumental day in my life. Partly because of the massive zit on my forehead, but mostly because all eyes were on me while I married the love of my life.

All eyes were on me.

Some girls say they haven’t ever thought about their wedding day. They never stayed up late at night daydreaming about the perfect color of bridesmaid dresses or what type of flowers to have in their bouquets. I believe some girls really don’t care about these details, but I will tell you one detail that everybody--every girl--has coursing through their heart and soul.

Everyone wants to feel beautiful.

Girls everywhere want to feel beautiful on their wedding day when the world (or camera) has eyes only for them. I don’t know about you, but if I had a camera and a hundred eyes on me all day, I’d make sure my skin was flawless. I’d make sure I did everything in my power to unearth that “undergrounder.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You aren’t going to have blemish free skin in a day either. Good skin takes a lot of time and a lot of work. It can also be highly expensive. So, my advice to you is to have a consultation with a trusted injector and esthetician to see what makes the most sense for you according to budget.

Read on to see the treatments that every beauty should be doing pre-special event as to avoid those nasty “undergrounders.”


If a bride comes into my office and wants botox and or fillers for their wedding day, they need to start coming to see me at least four - six months prior. Don’t try Botox for the first time two weeks before your wedding. It takes time for your injector to learn your muscles and adjust your treatment plan as needed to best suit you and your face. Get one Botox treatment four - six  months prior and then another one month prior to the wedding. This allows for a follow-up appointment two weeks after injection to see if you need any adjustments.

Fillers should be started six months prior to your big day. Fillers are all about layering slowly. All good things take time. Your perfect lip, or your perfect jawline, won’t be built in one visit. Starting six months prior will give you plenty of time to see your injector two to three times before your big day!


Hydrafacials and Microneedling are two MUST dos. These two treatments are by far my favorite for getting my skin in shape!


Please be sure you are only getting this treatment done in a clinic. Don’t use any at-home devices, as they often spread infection around your face and it’s impossible to sterilize them appropriately. In order to get the best benefits from Microneedling,  you should have four treatments done (one month apart). Collagen boosting, scar correcting, and wrinkle reducing are just a few major benefits to this procedure.


These treatments can be done in between your Microneedling treatments. I love having a Hydrafacial 1-2 weeks post my Microneedling treatment in order to extract dead skin cells off my face. If you’re only going to do one Hydrafacial, schedule it 3-4 days prior to your big day. Your skin will love you! The camera will love you! Your face will be glowing. Flawless.


Now let’ talk skincare. Trust me, beauties. I wish I could go home with you and make sure you are doing everything correctly, but we all know that’s not possible. Here is what I can do for you. I can insist (over and over again) that you must be doing your skincare routines A.M and P.M., and following your regimen appropriately. If you don’t follow the appropriate skincare regimen, you will get 80% of the result you should be getting. Don’t leave steps out. It’s like trying to bake a cake without an egg. Disastrous.

So if you’ve found yourself a great skincare professional who can help you with your skin, great! Follow their skincare advice. If you want to set up a skincare consult, you can email me here:

Favorite at-home products for skin prep:

And if all that information is overwhelming, then just remember these five must dos.

Five Must Dos:

1. Red Carpet Peel. Do this weekly for one month prior to your wedding. There is more than one treatment inside, so you’re guaranteed multiple treatments!

2. Book one Hydrafacial the week of your wedding with your esthetician. Head to to find a provider near you.

3. Invest in these three products and start them six months prior to wedding.

  • Antioxidant serum: My favorite here

  • Another favorite: here. Call Crafted Aesthetics for shipping: 406-461-0974

  • A good SPF: My favorite here. Call Crafted Aesthetics for shipping. 406-461-0974

  • Retinol: My favorite here. Call Crafted Aesthetics for shipping. 406-461-0974

4. Invest in the QYK sonic ZOE. Use every morning and night. Found here.

5. Have a spa day at home! The Deep Detox Facial listed above is amazing! There is plenty of product inside so it will last you a long time.

There are days when it’s difficult to shine, but your wedding day should not be one of them. There are days when it’s difficult to cope with stress, but your wedding day shouldn’t be one of them. There are days when those “undergrounders” will give you grief, but your wedding day should NOT be one of them.

No one has regretted taking care of their skin, and you won’t either!

Tell me, what beauty product saved you on your wedding day?

Shine on, beauties.

Shine on.

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