Myth: Injections don’t cause bruising.

Fact: There is NO guarantee that you won’t bruise from cosmetic injections, but these bruises don’t last forever!

As your injector I will never promise that you will not bruise, because there is no guarantee that you won’t.  Even if you followed all the rules religiously and assiduously, bruising can still happen. Research shows that 19%-68% of patients will have bruising after injections. That’s an enormous range, which only seems to back up the notion that absolutely anyone can bruise from injections.  I won’t beat a dead horse on this one, but I do find it imperative that all my beauties understand this warning as to avoid future disappointment, shock, or confusion.

Let’s talk about bruising.

What exactly is happening underneath the surface when you bruise? How do you coordinate the time you get a treatment so that you minimize your chances of bruising? What tips and tricks can you eat, use, and do prior to a treatment to impede bruising? What about post treatment?

All great questions! You’re in for a treat beauties, because I have learned a thing here and there about bruising and I want to share my research with you.

What exactly is happening underneath the surface when you bruise?

A bruise can be described as a hematoma. A hematoma (aka a bruise)  occurs when small blood vessels break, and the content of these blood vessels permeate the soft tissue beneath the skin. Bruising occurs most regularly on your upper lip, under the eyes and in the tear troughs.

How do you coordinate the time you get a treatment so that you can best prepare for the possibility of bruising?

I’ve had my fair share of patients come in for injections and the first words out of their mouth are: “Don’t bruise me. I have an event tomorrow,” or my personal favorite, “I didn’t bruise with my other injector!” Faces, just like people, can be unpredictable. I can inject you 20 times without any ramifications of bruising, but on injection 21 you could obtain a massive bruise. We just never know.

My advice to anyone is to try filler and Botox when you don’t have a major life event within the next six months. See how you like the injections, because they may not be for you and you certainly don’t want to figure this out too close to any huge event, especially for a wedding! There is nothing worse than a bride coming in for her first fillers and Botox treatment three weeks before her big day and then realizing her two week follow up (which may require more injections) is one week before the big day. Bruising can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks, so you have to plan accordingly. In extreme cases bruising can last longer.

What tips and tricks can you eat, use, and do PRIOR to a treatment as to impede bruising?

I do everything as your injector to help prevent and avoid bruising, including the application of ice, pacing the injection, and how I hold pressure post injection. There are also things you can do prior to any Botox or filler injection that will help as well. Here is a quick list you can refer to prior to treatment:

  1. One week prior to injections avoid the following medications/supplements: aspirin, NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, Aleve, Motrin etc.), St. John’s Wort, Vitamin E, Multivitamins, Krill Oil, Fish Oils, Flaxseed Oils, Omega-3, Gingko, Ginseng, Garlic and Glucosamine

  2. Eat FRESH pineapple, as it  contains bromelain that has been known to decrease bruising. You can also take bromelain supplements 2 weeks prior to injections. My favorite found here.

  3. Start taking Arnica tablets 5 days prior to injection. My favorite found here.

  4. No alcohol consumption 2 days prior to injections

Arnicare Tablets


What tips and tricks can you eat, use, and do POST to a treatment as to impede bruising?

Now that you did your best to prevent bruising prior to injections, here is a list of things you can do post injection to minimize bruising:

  1. Apply Arnica gel five times/day to reduce swelling. Favorite found here

  2. Use cold packs on injected area for the first eight hours. Favorite found here

  3. Avoid using medications/supplements listed above for two days

  4. If your lips were injected, do not put pressure on them with a straw, water bottle etc. for one week

  5. Don’t put any type of pressure on your face after injections  (i.e. getting a massage) for 2 weeks

  6. Yes, you can use makeup, but wait 24 hours post injection to avoid any bacteria getting into your injection sites which can lead to infection. Favorite makeup to cover bruising found here.


Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.13.09 AM.png

Arnica Gel

Cold Packs

Dermablend quick-fix concealer

Shine on beauties.

Shine on.